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Park in Basildon, Essex

How to Register a Death in Basildon

Park in Basildon, Essex

The period of time following the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, it is also a time when a few important things must take place. The first of these is registering the death. For many people this may be the first and potentially only time they will have to do so, and as such can feel overwhelmed and unprepared. To help you through this difficult time, we have put together this guide to make the process less intimidating. 


When do I need to register a death in Basildon? 


The government allows 5 days from the death itself for it to be registered with the local authority. Funeral arrangements can begin before the death is registered, but the actual funeral funeral cannot take place before the death has been registered.


Can I register the death? 


Even if you are not the next of kin of the deceased, you may still be eligible to register their death. Although in most cases it will be a close relative who registers it.


However, you will be eligible if you were present when the individual died, or if you were a fellow resident at the home in which they died. And finally, you will also be eligible to register the death if you are the person making arrangements with the funeral director – but the funeral director themselves is not eligible to register the death. 


I’m eligible, what happens now? 


Once you have determined that you are eligible to register the death, it can be simply done over a phone call. To register a death in Basildon, you will need to call the Basildon Registration Office on 0345 603 7632. Their office is open on weekdays between 8:30 – 5pm.


Before you make the call, there are a number of documents required to complete the registration, and in order to make this process easy and efficient, it is best to have them all ready beforehand. We have compiled a list of the required paperwork below, to help you to be prepared. 


You will need:

  • Their full name and any previous names
  • Their date and place of birth
  • The date and location of their death
  • Their address
  • Their occupation or retired status
  • Whether they were the recipient of a pension or public funds allowance
  • Their NHS card (where possible)
  • Any partner’s names and date of birth (if they were married/in a civil partnership)

It is also a good idea to know which funeral director you will be using before you register the death. If you would like to speak to Willow Lake Funeral Directors in Basildon, call us on 0800 464 7277.


What happens once the death has been registered? 


Once you have registered the death, the registrar will then send you a death certificate as well as a certificate for burial or cremation, also known as a green form. You will then need to give the green form to the funeral director, and then arrangements can begin to be made for a funeral.  then arrangement


Whilst the registration of the death itself is free of charge, the death certificate will cost £11. We recommend you purchase multiple copies of the certificate as it is required in the resolution of other legal matters following a death, and additional copies will cost more to be printed later on.  


There are additional government agencies which will need to be informed, such as DVLA and HMRC. But instead of having to contact these agencies individually, the government has set up a useful service called the ‘Tell Us Once’ service that notifies the main departments here


Once the funeral director has received the green form, funeral arrangements can begin. Willow Lake offers respectful, dignified funeral services in Basildon for the standard price of £1995, without any hidden fees or upfront costs. The service can be religious or secular, and will be tailored to you and your family. 


To get in touch with our experienced team, call us on 0800 464 7277, or alternatively email us at [email protected].

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