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Countryside in Carmarthenshire

Register a death in Carmarthenshire

Countryside in Carmarthenshire

Whenever a person passes away there are a number of jobs that someone will need to take responsibility for. One of these is to register the death. However, after suffering a bereavement, completing administrative tasks can seem particularly burdensome.


Therefore, to help you at such an emotionally and psychologically draining time, we have outlined the steps for registering a death in Carmarthenshire. You may also find our guide to What to do when someone dies helpful too. 


Alternatively, we would be more than happy to help you directly. To speak with one of our sympathetic team, you can reach us on 0800 464 7277.


What is the purpose of registering a death?


Besides informing friends and family of the deceased, the government also needs to know. 


Registering a death notifies the government and allows them to create an official record showing that someone has passed away. It is critical that you do this within five days as it is a legal requirement. The exception to this rule is where the coroner has had to be called.


Moreover, registering a death in Carmarthenshire provides you with two important documents. These are the death certificate and the green form (the certificate for burial or cremation). 


Death certificates are essential for handling certain legal matters for the deceased person. It will save you time and money if you buy several copies when you register the death. They cost £11 at this stage but can cost you more further down the line.


Meanwhile the greenform is vital for arranging a cremation or burial. You can ask the registrar to send this straight on to your funeral director at the point of registering the death. If you have chosen Willow Lake for your funeral service, you can give the registrar our contact details: [email protected] and 0800 464 7277.


How to decide who should register a death in Carmarthenshire?


In general, it is best that a relative of the person who died registers their death. They will need certain documentation or information about the person in order to do this.


Nevertheless, anyone there when the person passed away can undertake this task. Likewise, anyone who lived with the deceased or who owned their property may also register their death. The person responsible for arranging the funeral has the right to register the death, but this does not include the funeral director themself.


Information about the deceased


As mentioned, the person registering the death in Carmarthenshire will need some information first. It mostly relates to the deceased’s life but they will also need their own form of identification, for instance a passport or driving licence. 


Here is a list of information to collect before contacting the registrar:


  • The location and date of the death
  • The full name of the person who has died, including any formerly used names
  • The date and place of birth of the deceased individual 
  • The occupation or retired status of the deceased
  • The deceased’s address
  • Any pension or public funds allowance the deceased person may have been receiving
  • The names of any partners of the deceased
  • The date of birth of the deceased person’s partner if they had one


If you can, it is also handy to have the late person’s NHS card with you when you make the call.


Who to call to register a death in Carmarthenshire


Virtually all deaths in Carmarthenshire are now registered over the phone. We have also included the contact details of the registrars in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire below.

However if your loved one died outside of these areas, then you should still find and call the registrar closest to where the person died. There is a tool you can use to do this – the government’s Find a registry office search engine.


Carmarthenshire registrars 


Carmarthenshire Registrar 

Telephone: 01267 228210

Address: Carmarthen Register Office, Parc Myrddin, Richmond Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 1HQ

Email: [email protected] 

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4:30pm


Pembrokeshire Registrar 

Telephone: 01437 775176

Email: [email protected] 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding bank holidays


What is the Tell Us Once service?


The Tell Us Once service notifies various relevant departments within the UK government of a person’s death. These include the Department for Work and Pensions, HMRC and the Passport Office. This is a necessary task in addition to registering the death. 


However, you do not need to contact these departments individually. Instead, you can inform them collectively via the Tell Us Once service. Access it here.


Willow Lake’s professional and bespoke funerals in Carmarthenshire


Willow Lake has extended its funeral services to Carmarthenshire, enabling its residents to plan and arrange personalised funerals throughout the county. 


To reduce the hassle for you, we have a fixed fee of £1995 that covers everything included in our service. For example, it includes a local expert celebrant to help you craft your send off in advance and then lead the service on the day. 


Willow Lake Funeral Directors in Llanelli will also collect your loved one and provide them with a coffin. The £1995 fee pays for the cremation itself and you can even opt for the person’s ashes to be scattered in our peaceful Carmarthenshire Garden of Remembrance. 

For more information about our service and to find out what other aspects of personalisation you can choose, get in touch at 0800 464 7277 or [email protected]

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