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How to register a Death in Torquay

Torquay Meadfoot Beach

Informing people of a death is a sad and often distressing task. But, if you are the next of kin of the deceased person, this responsibility will likely fall on you. It is important to remember that besides contacting friends and relatives, you must also notify the government by registering the death. 


To assist residents of the English Riviera, we have written this guide to registering a death in Torquay.


Why you need to register a death


It is a legal requirement to register a death within five days in England, though this may be extended in certain circumstances. Where the coroner is involved, they will complete this for you. 


The purpose is to create an official record that someone has died. By registering a death, the local authority in Torquay also receives information about the cause of death. 


Who can register a death?


Ideally a relative of the person who has died should register the death. However, if this is not possible, someone present at the death, someone living at the address where they died, or the person making the funeral arrangements can do it instead. Please note that the undertaker for the funeral cannot register the death.


Where can you register a death in Torquay?


Whilst you can register a death at any registration office, it is recommended that you register it at the closest register’s office to where the person died. In Torquay, this will be the Torbay Register Office. 

It is preferable to register a death in Torquay by phone. Appointments can be booked online here


What you need to register a death in Torquay


A crucial document is the medical certificate, signed by a doctor, which details the cause of death. For more information about obtaining a medical certificate, you can check out our blog post What to do when someone dies.


In addition, when you call the registrar you will need to know:


  • The date and place of death
  • The name and surname of the deceased, including any previous names
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Their occupation
  • The name and occupation of any spouse or civil partner if relevant, and if so, the date of birth of any surviving widow or widower
  • Their usual address
  • Whether the deceased received a pension or allowance from public funds


It is helpful to have the NHS medical card, birth certificate and marriage or civil partnership certificate of the deceased if possible.


You will also need your own form of identification, such as a passport, driving licence, birth certificate, council tax bill or utility bill. 


What documents will you receive for registering a death?


After registering a death in Torquay, you will be given a certificate for burial or cremation. The registrar can send it on to Willow Lake if we are your chosen funeral director. To do this, you need to provide them with our email address and phone number ([email protected] / 0800 464 7277). 


You will also receive a death certificate. This document is important for sorting the deceased’s legal affairs. 


The Tell Us Once service


In addition to registering a death, you will also need to inform other governmental organisations, such as the Passport Office, HMRC and the DVLA. These are all covered by the Tell Us Once service, saving you time. 

You can access the Tell Us Once service here.


Willow Lake funeral directors in Torquay


You can arrange a professional and low-cost funeral with Willow Lake Funeral Directors in Torquay for £1995. Not only is this significantly less than the average cost of a funeral in the UK at £3837, it also includes everything you need without any hidden fees or disbursements. 


For example, Willow Lake provides you with a local celebrant to help you to organise a bespoke non-religious funeral. Alternatively, you can choose a religious officiant from any religion to lead your service. Your representative will meet with you to plan the service and will conduct proceedings on the day, ensuring that your preferences are met. 


To find out more about Willow Lake’s funerals or for more information about registering a death in Torquay, please call us on 0800 464 7277 or send an email to [email protected].

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