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Price of a funeral in Kingston Upon Thames

Cheap Funerals in Kingston Upon Thames

Price of a funeral in Kingston Upon Thames

The price of the average funeral in the UK is now £3885. But at Willow Lake, we strongly believe that funerals don’t need to be that expensive to give your loved one a unique and personal send off. We offer simple funerals in Kingston for just £1995. And although our funerals in Kingston are cheap – almost half the average price – we refuse to compromise on quality or care.


So what is the difference between a simple and a traditional funeral?


A simple funeral is very much like a traditional funeral. One of our celebrants, or a religious officiant if you prefer, will talk with you and support you in creating a personalised funeral service that captures the spirit of your loved one.


Meanwhile Willow Lake will liaise with the hospital or coroner to arrange all the necessary legal paperwork.


On the day of the funeral service, your chosen celebrant or officiant will be at the funeral hall to welcome your guests. The coffin will be in the hall throughout the service. The celebrant or official will then conduct the service according to your wishes. 


The cremation takes place after the service and the ashes are available for collection around one week later. The ashes are presented in a contemporary wooden urn with an engraved nameplate. We have alternative memorial options available on request ( at extra cost), please ask us about them.


What are the payment terms for your funerals in Kingston?


We don’t ask for a deposit or payment in advance as we understand that funerals are often an unexpected expense. Our usual payment terms are within two weeks after the cremation has taken place. 


Can I spread the cost of the funeral?


Yes. We have a financing partner who will let you spread the cost over a number of months. The loan is subject to a transparent and reasonable rate of interest. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


If you are entitled to government benefits then you may be eligible for the funeral expenses payment. This usually covers a large portion of the fee for our simple funeral.


Any questions?  Get in touch using the form below. Alternatively you can email [email protected] or call to speak to our compassionate and approachable team on 0800 464 7277.

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