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Register a death in Kingston

How to register a death in Kingston upon Thames

Register a death in Kingston

When someone passes away, not only is it an emotional time, but it seems as though there are a million and one things you need to sort out. An essential task to complete is to register the death. The following guide should explain everything you need to know about registering a death in Kingston upon Thames.


If you would like any additional support, you can speak to our expert team on 0800 464 7277. We can help you to begin planning and organising your funeral with Willow Lake.


Why do you need to register a death?

Registering a death provides a formal record of the death. It is a criminal offence to neglect to do so. The registration details the cause of death and it is a necessary step to receive either an application for a cremation or a certificate for burial.


Before you can register a death in Kingston, you must ensure that the registrar receives the medical certificate of cause of death. This certificate must be written by a doctor, and it includes the official cause of death. Doctors and coroners usually send this directly to the local registrar.

How to obtain a medical certificate

How you obtain the medical certificate depends on where and how the person died. 


At a hospital or care home

At a hospital, a doctor will usually send the medical certificate directly to the local registrar. Likewise, if a death occurs at a care home, the administrative staff will typically send the certificate to the registrar or give it to the person’s next of kin.


You can contact Kingston’s two main hospitals’ bereavement lines with the details below.


​​Kingston Hospital Bereavement – 020 8934 3355

St George’s Hospital Bereavement – 020 8725 3410


At home

If the person passed away at home and the death was expected, you need to call their GP. The person’s doctor can then come and verify the death. However, if you are unable to reach the doctor’s surgery, you must call the NHS helpline on 111 instead. They can arrange a medical professional to come to the house and verify the death. 


In these instances, the GP may give you the certificate personally. More commonly, however, they will send the certificate directly to the local registrar’s office.


If someone dies at home and the death is unexpected, you must call the emergency services on 999 and ask for an ambulance and the police. In cases where the cause of death is not immediately apparent to medical personnel, further investigation is necessary.


When is a coroner involved?

If the medical personnel who arrive at the house are uncertain about the cause of death, they will call a coroner. This includes situations where the death is violent, the person took their own life, or where the death is linked to a medical procedure. The coroner will investigate the cause of death, which may involve a post-mortem. 


You cannot register a death until the coroner’s investigations are complete. This will often delay the funeral. Once the coroner has completed their work, they will release the body for the funeral. 


Kingston is part of the West London Coroner’s district. You can reach them on 020 8753 6800. 


How to register a death with the Kingston registrar

With the exception of cases where the coroner is involved, it is a legal requirement to register a death with the local registrar of the district where the person passed away. In the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, this is at the Kingston Register Office. You can find their details below.


Please contact them via phone number or email address below to book an appointment:

Telephone: 020 8547 5000

Email: [email protected]


The Old Court House
High Street
Kingston upon Thames

Opening Hours by appointment only: Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm | Saturday 10am – 1pm


Registering a death will provide you with a death certificate. You will also receive a certificate for a burial or cremation, also known as a green form. 


The registrar will email the green form directly to us if you tell them that Willow Lake is your funeral director. Our email address is [email protected] and our phone number is 0800 464 7277. This will not be necessary, however, if the coroner is involved.


Who can register the death?

Only the following people can register a death:


  • a relative
  • someone who was there when the person died
  • someone living at the address where the person died
  • someone arranging the funeral (with the exception of the undertaker)


Registering the death can be done over the phone. The registrar will need the following information about the person who has died:


  • the date of death
  • where the death occurred
  • full name (including any other names they may have been known by)
  • their date of birth
  • where they were born
  • their occupation
  • their address
  • your name and address


What does a Willow Lake funeral involve?

Willow Lake funerals are caring and professional and always catered to the wishes of your friend or family member. We help you to choose the right celebrant or religious officiant for you from our experienced Kingston team. They will meet with you to help create a truly personalised funeral service, whether the ceremony will be secular or religious.


We will then take care of the remaining paperwork on your behalf. Our expert team will liaise with the doctors or the West London Coroner in order that the legal paperwork is completed swiftly and efficiently. 


Willow Lake will also take care of the deceased on your behalf. We will collect them from your home, the hospital or care home. 


On the day itself, we will have the coffin waiting at Kingston Chapel. Your chosen celebrant or religious officiant will also be there to support you. They will greet you, your family and your guests and conduct the service according to your wishes. 


After the service, you can choose to have the ashes delivered to you or we can scatter your loved one’s ashes in Kingston Cemetery’s idyllic and peaceful gardens. The ashes are usually ready in the week following your service. We provide them in a wooden urn with an engraved nameplate. If you are unable to collect them immediately, we can also store them for up to 12 months free of charge.


How much does a Willow Lake funeral in Kingston cost?

Willow Lake funerals in Kingston have one fixed fee of £1,995. This includes all costs with no hidden fees or upfront payments. Our clients on average save £984 compared to other funeral directors in Kingston. Get in touch today to find out more or to begin planning a funeral in Kingston or any other of our locations.

Our phone number is 0800 464 7277 and our email address is [email protected]

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