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What to wear to a Humanist funeral

Clothes hangers

A Humanist funeral service celebrates the life of a deceased individual without any mention of religion or god. The funeral is entirely secular and focuses on memorialising and saying goodbye to whoever has passed, rather than following any religious traditions or practices. However, some people may still include religious hymns or readings regardless of their faith. Anyone can have a humanist funeral, they are not limited to those that saw themselves as a humanist whilst they were still alive. 


If you have any questions regarding humanist funerals, or wish to begin making funeral arrangements, call us on 0800 464 7277 and a member of our team will be able to assist you throughout the process.


What do people usually wear? 


Humanist funerals are not particularly different to other funerals, and as such the dress code is the same. Most people opt for formal clothes in a dark colour palette. However, certain people and families may ask their guests to adhere to a certain colour scheme, such as bright colours, or a specific colour that may have been a favourite of their loved one. But if you haven’t been informed of a certain dress code, it is safe to wear black or something similar. Whilst there are no specific guidelines detailing what to wear to a humanist funeral, it is typically a sombre occasion, and as such respectful, darker items of clothing are recommended. 


What happens at a humanist funeral?


Humanist funerals are very similar to other types of funeral. There will usually be music and readings that have been selected by the family of the deceased, and the service will be led by a celebrant. The focus of a humanist funeral is the tribute, which usually lasts about 15 minutes and consists of memories and stories submitted by family and friends about who has passed. The tribute is essentially the eulogy and helps to paint a picture of the individual throughout their lifetime.


Following the tribute, you may observe a moment of quiet reflection, either in silence or accompanied by music, before the service concludes. Many groups will then choose to congregate after the service, with most crematoriums having designated areas such as floral tribute areas, where mourners can also look at all the flowers and messages. We’ve also written a more extensive guide to what is a humanist funeral.


What is humanist cremation?


Humanist cremation does not differ from any other cremation, as the process itself is the same. It is only the service aspect of the funeral which is different. A humanist cremation will not be religious, and focus instead on celebrating the life of the individual, with the tribute remaining as the focal point of the ceremony. 


Do I have to be a humanist to have a humanist funeral? 


No, the deceased does not have to have considered themselves to be a humanist whilst they were still alive in order to have a humanist funeral. A humanist funeral is simply a funeral in which there is no reference to a god or other spiritual figure during the service. As such, any individual who did not follow a faith can have a humanist funeral, and even those who were religious may choose for their funeral to omit religion. 


How can I arrange a humanist funeral?


Funeral services are available from Willow Lake for the standard price of £1995, whether they are humanist or religious. The price of £1995 includes everything, from the help of the celebrant, their involvement on the day, any liaisons between our team and the doctor or coroner (as well as taking care of any legal paperwork involved), the collection and care of your loved one, the funeral itself, and finally, the delivery of the ashes. Our price of £1995 includes all third party costs and there are no upfront payments or hidden fees. We have a number of locations through Great Britain.


To begin making arrangements for a funeral, humanist or otherwise, or just to ask a question, you can call us on 0800 464 7277 and a member of our experienced team can help you. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

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