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Simple Funerals at Willow Lake

Pared-back simple funerals in Kingston

Simple Funerals at Willow Lake

Without all of the old-fashioned formalities, frills and rituals of a traditional funeral, a simple funeral offers the opportunity for a much more imaginative and personal experience. It also happens to be a much more cost-effective way to say goodbye – but going for this more modern approach doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the important things when it comes to celebrating your loved one’s life. 


Simple funerals in the Kingston Upon Thames area


Willow Lake is proud to offer simple funerals in Kingston, Surbiton, New Malden, and the surrounding area for a fixed price of  £1995. There are no hidden fees.


Celebrants in Kingston Upon Thames


Let Willow Lake look after you 


From paperwork to collecting your loved one, our thoughtful team will look after everything for you. Our caring celebrants are here to support you in creating the perfect farewell too. This can include music, readings, personal stories, or anything else you would like to include. We can also put you in touch with a religious officiant if you prefer.


On the day of the funeral, your celebrant will welcome you and your guests into our chapel. Your loved one’s coffin will be there when you arrive and your celebrant will conduct your service, introducing speakers if requested. Music can be played through the speaker systems.


After your service, the cremation will take place and your loved one’s ashes will be available for collection the following week. The ashes are presented in a contemporary wooden urn with an engraved metal nameplate or can be scattered within our gardens of remembrance at no extra charge.


Willow Lake clients save an average of £984 compared to other funeral directors in Kingston Upon Thames. We offer funeral at a fair, fixed price of £1995 with no hidden charges.


Any questions?

Please call our friendly team on 0800 464 7277 or email [email protected]

Price of a funeral in Kingston Upon Thames

Simple Funerals at Willow Lake

What is a simple funeral?

Simple Funerals at Willow Lake

A simple funeral is much like a traditional funeral, but with fewer old-fashioned formalities and more space for a more personal experience. 


How does it work?

First of all, our team will talk you through the process, on the phone or online. Then we will collect your loved one and take them into our care. We will also put you in touch with one of our celebrants. They will meet you and support you with the arrangements for the funeral service.


What happens at a simple funeral service?

It is entirely up to you. Our celebrants will meet with you to craft a truly personalised service that reflects your loved one’s life. There can be music, stories, poetry. Our celebrants will help craft the tone and content of the service exactly to your wishes.


The funeral service itself will be held in a beautiful venue. Your celebrant will greet you and your guests and your loved one’s coffin will be at the front of the chapel throughout the service. Your celebrant will host the service, delivering the tribute and readings that you have agreed together and introducing anyone who wants to speak. Music can be played at the end. 


The cremation takes place after the service and the ashes will be available for collection the following week. 


Can a simple funeral be religious?

Yes. If you would prefer a religious officiant rather than one of our celebrants please just let us know and we will arrange this for you.


What are the main differences between a simple funeral and a traditional funeral?

There are two main differences: 


There is no funeral procession. 

Hearses are very expensive and environmentally damaging. At a simple funeral, the coffin will already be at the venue when the guests arrive for the service.


There is no viewing.

Preparing for a viewing usually involves invasive processes like embalming. We believe most people would prefer to be remembered as they lived rather than at an often upsetting viewing experience. Therefore we do not recommend or offer this service.


How much does a simple funeral cost?

We charge a fixed price of £1995. This includes all costs. Unlike many funeral directors, who  add costs known as disbursements, we guarantee there are no hidden fees.


Does the cremation happen immediately after the service?

No.  As with almost all UK cremations, traditional or otherwise, at the end of a funeral service the coffin enters the chapel of rest and the cremation happens within 72 hours. 


What happens to the ashes?

We place the ashes in a contemporary wooden urn with an engraved nameplate. Typically the ashes can be collected from any of our sites the following week. We will call you to let you know that they are ready for collection. Alternatively we can scatter the ashes for you in a memorial garden.


How do I start?

Call us on 0800 464 7277 or email [email protected] Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Call us on 0800 464 7277 or send an email to [email protected]

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